Welcome to Antonia’s Online Shop. If you’ve enjoyed eating at Leafy Greens Café, you can now recreate the tastes of Leafy Greens at home. Eating well and doing good is all about making the right choices – and by bringing so many awesome products together in one place, we’ve done our best to make that easy for you.


Inspired by the changing seasons and the endless generosity of the earth, we never stop experimenting with different flavour combinations. We often create new products for you to enjoy – you’ll find them here first.


We want to make healthy eating as accessible to as many people as possible, and we hate waste of any kind. Whether you are going on your first Spring picnic or not sure what to put pack your kids for school treats. Why not try the below recommended products.


With winter gone and summer around the corner, we are all very keen to get our bodies looking good, our minds healthy and our energy levels high. Antonia has many products that will help detox from the inside out. Our Juices are the perfect start to your body detox and zeolite and charcoal are great for weight loss. For a healthy brain, Moringa or baobab is a perfect fit. Start shopping now and get your body looking fabulous.

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