Recipe Book Combo (two books)



Recipe Book Combo (two books)

Antonia’s Way
Read the story of Antonia’s own journey to health and wellness, told in her own words. This is a very personal book, and every time you open it you’ll find and words and images to inspire and inform you. You’ll learn more about your amazing body, and discover dozens of new Leafy Greens recipes to help you on your own path to eating well and doing good.

Leafy Greens
The original Leafy Greens vegan and organic recipe book reveals the secrets of the Leafy Greens kitchen in a collection of exciting recipes that let you recreate the fabulous flavours of Leafy Greens at home. If you love the Leafy Greens lunch buffet, smoothies, snacks and treats, then why not enjoy making them for family and friends and share our passion for eating well and doing good?


Book Combo -Leafy Greens & Antonia’s Way

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