In this book I try to encompass the real meaning of having fun with food, loving your diet and feeling fab because of what and how you’re eating. I believe strongly in eating intuitively, having a positive and strong mind-body connection and being mindful of, but not consumed by, your diet. Allowing flexibility, enjoying a variety of foods but filling up on a majority plant based, fiber and nutrient filled, non-restrictive diet. This book is loaded with meals we eat every day. There are over 100 plant based recipes for you to choose from. I wanted to share some incredibly delicious lifestyle recipes with you, recipes that everyone can enjoy, meals and food that you can make and eat forever! I hope you LOVE it!  - Jordyn (@jordyns_channel) xx   Please note that once the order has been received, processed and payment has been allocated. an Email will be sent with a downloadable link of the ebook.