• Our Parmesan is based on yellow flaky nutritional yeast containing 15 minerals and 18 amino acids. It’s the best non-animal source of folic acid and vitamin B12 there is. Sunflower seeds for vitamin E, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, fibre, selenium and magnesium and hemp seeds for protein; garlic for an immune system boost and chillies for a hot, healthy zing!
  • In need of something new? Here it is… With nutrient-dense Brazil nuts that are high in omega-3 fatty acid, loaded with fibre to support a healthy digestive system and a great source of selenium that plays a major role in the functioning of your thyroid gland, you can enjoy this milk alone or add it to any smoothie. There’s also cacao for the perfect taste sensation.
  • Made with only three ingredients, our delicious ‘no-milk milkshake’ will leave you wanting more. Strawberries are powerful heart health boosters, with ellagic acid and flavonoids that counteract bad cholesterol. Their high vitamin C content makes them an effective antioxidant, and helps in the production of collagen (to improve skin elasticity). Creamy almond milk and coconut nectar complete this delicious pink drink.
  • If you’re going dairy-free but find that you’re battling to give up cheese, we have a dairy-free solution for you. Yellow flakey nutritional yeast contains 15 minerals and 18 amino acids, which is why we chose it as the foundation of our Vegan Parmesan.

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