• Pure, raw, activated pumpkin seeds. High in healthy oils. 250g
  • Delicious guilt free treat! Our Almond Rochers are gluten-free and suitable for vegans.
  • Banana Bread Walnuts

    Walnuts supports brain health with the neuroprotective compounds – vitamin E, folate and omega 3. Banana has high levels of tryptophan that is converted into serotonin, vitamin B6 that strengthens the nervous system. Sweetened with dates containing fiber, copper and potassium to support digestion and relieve constipation. Non-irritated cinnamon adds a warm flavourful touch and the cinnamaldehyde fights bacterial and fungal infections. Vanilla is a great source of calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium which regulates the nervous system and optimizes neurotransmitter function for optimal serotonin and dopamine production.
  • Brazil Nuts

    brazil nuts, whole and raw.  Excellent source of natural fats.
  • The most delicious snack - made from organic curly kale, real cacao and the likes. Free from refined sugars, preservatives and dairy products.
  • Cinnamon Vanilla Pecans

    If you love our larger bags of Cinnamon Vanilla Pecans, then you’ll will enjoy our 20g bag as snack to eat throughout the day. If one handful is not enough - buy a few or try our larger bags. A small bite size of flavour to keep your taste-buds happy! Ideal for lunch boxes.
  • Coconut Cashews

    Coconut is one of nature’s greatest gifts and as you’ll discover, we love it. Here’s why: it supports the immune system, provides a natural source of quick energy, improves digestion, restores and supports thyroid function and contains loads of healthy fats. Cashews work with magnesium to support healthy muscles – they’re a great body builder. Add some to your granola breakfast or enjoy as trail mix.
  • Fine, desiccated coconut with full fat. Nothing removed and nothing added. Sold in 1kg batches.
  • Natural, sugar-free cranberries, sold in 1kg batches.
  • Brown flax seeds (linseeds), sold in 1kg batches.
  • Ginger Macadamias

    Creamy crunchy and loaded with good fats, macadamias are an amazing nut. Just one handful gives you vitamin A. This delightful snack is great to nibble on throughout the day - you may have to buy more than one packet...
  • Love crisps? Our healthier versions are grain-free and raw – neither fried nor baked. Packed with wholesome goodness, our organic garden kale is a great source of vitamin K (for blood clotting) and is crammed with natural fibre. The folate is a key ingredient for brain development and lutein and zeaxanthin protect against macular degeneration, so you can see clearly forever! With garlic and rock salt for flavour you’ll savour.

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