• Activated Almond Butter

    Pure, raw, activated almonds, stone ground to perfection overnight....with no additives or fillers whatsoever!
  • Local Blueberries Raw Honey Organic lemon juice Nothing else!
  • Local blueberries, grown in South Africa. This jam is free from refined sugars and fillers. Handmade in small batches, with love. This jam contains:
    • South African blueberries
    • Homemade Pectin
    • Lemon juice
    • Non-irradiated, local honey
  • ON SALE!

    Cape Gooseberry Jam

    Our Gooseberry Jam is homemade and made from certified organic fruit. It’s very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and is also a good source of dietary fibre, vitamin A, niacin and potassium, and carries a potent vitamin C charge. Its sweetened with local, pure honey.
  • Our Parmesan is based on yellow flaky nutritional yeast containing 15 minerals and 18 amino acids. It’s the best non-animal source of folic acid and vitamin B12 there is. Sunflower seeds for vitamin E, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, fibre, selenium and magnesium and hemp seeds for protein; garlic for an immune system boost and chillies for a hot, healthy zing!
  • Organically grown garlic from our own garden, sun dried to perfection and bottled for your convenience
  • Spread the word: our vegan raw chocolate hazelnut spread is the real deal. Rich in heart-healthy fats, potassium, calcium and magnesium, the nuts are mixed with cacao to give you an energy boost. The only sweetener is natural coconut sugar so our chocolate spread tastes naughty, but in fact it’s very good! If your friend is looking for something “nu”, then please be the one to “tella”!
  • Chutneys

    The perfect compliment to savoury dishes. Our chutneys are locally made and include the following options:
    • Pink Dragon Fruit Chutney
    • Mango Chutney
    • Tamarillo Chutney
    • Sugar Free Chutney
  • Coconut Butter, 250g
  • Coconut Oil

    Raw coconut oil.
  • Organic certified coconut sugar in bulk, 1kg
  • Course rock salt, sold in 1kg batches.

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